Adventure Club

Dear Adventure Club Members,

Welcome to The Three Hares interactive experience.  

I am actively building an exciting adventure society themed around Winslow Falls and our beloved heroes Ethan, Jacob, and Liz. There's much to do and too little time.

I'm glad you decided to join me on this epic journey! 

Best Wishes,

Geoffrey Simpson

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Have you read the secret message?

Comment below, but don't spill the beans!

Do you have what it takes to decipher the code? Follow the clues to become an elite member of The Three Hares!

Hint: Each shape is equivalent to a letter shown above.

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Fan Art

Three Hars Fan Art: Rabbit Hole

Jaidyn - Ohio

Three Hares: Warrior

Jayden - Colorado

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Three Hares: Board Game

Jayden - Colorado

Three Hares: Electric Armour

Jayden - Colorado

T3H Board Game.jpg

Jonathan (and his Dad) - Germany