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Born: February 1978, Cleveland, Ohio.

- The winter of the White Hurricane.

Geoffrey Simpson was born and raised in Avon Lake, just outside Cleveland, Ohio. From an early age, he connected with nature through camping, building forts, fishing, and treasure hunts.

After graduating from Kent State University, building a career in program management, and growing a family of two boys, Jonathan and Henry, with his beloved wife Lili, he took a breath. A breath to recapture the spirit of adventure so that it may never be lost. An adventure which can be passed down for generations, including to his own sons. Now living in Minden, Germany, with his family, he became a writer.

Geoffrey is the author of the young adult adventure-mystery series, The Three Hares. He specializes in nature-themed, puzzle-solving stories driven by a pulsating grip of good versus evil. The Three Hares is his debut series.

Photo Credit: Andreas Redekop

It is time to pass the torch of adventure, mysteries,

and all things fascinating to the next generation.

It is time to prove our Courage...

Beyond writing, I am also a distance runner, hiker, and nature photographer. All of which allow me to spend time in the natural world enjoying all that it has to offer.

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