“Writing fiction permits me to explore ideas inspired by my real-life passions. It allows me to anticipate how those passions may intersect the complexities of humanity... today, and into the future.”



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Track & Field

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Author Geoffrey Simpson of The Three Hares Young Adult Adventure Mystery Book and The Slummer: Quarters Till Death

5-Star Review ★★★★★        “Brilliantly Written”

"This is the first running book I’ve read that I think, wow this is like peeking into my brain and my way of thinking.

I will be reading it again and again."

CHRIS SOLINSKY, Former American

Record Holder - 10,000 m (26:59.60)

"I couldn't help but lace up my shoes and go for a run."


"Thought-provoking and one of those reads that leaves a mark."


"Lace up for a powerful story of commitment, loss, aspiration and an unlikely challenger of systematic oppression."

ANDY SCHMITZ, 3x US Olympic Coach - Triathlon

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More Books by Geoffrey Simpson

The Three Hares are adventure-mystery novels for middle-school aged kids.

The Three Hares: Bloodline adventure mystery book series for middle school MG author Geoffrey Simpson

The Three Hares: Bloodline

Ethan and his friends decode a series of cryptic riddles from an ancient treasure map. Their discovery entangles them in a centuries-old struggle between warring secret societies. 


It soon becomes clear that Ethan is not just an adventurous teen who accidentally stumbles upon a shadowy world. 


He is a catalyst… a spark which ignites the resurgence.

The Three Hares is a smart, twisty adventure mystery, one that will keep you reading until the remarkable end.

The Three Hares: Reynard's Dream book cover. Adventure Mystery series secret society. Author Geoffrey Simpson

The Three Hares: Reynards Dream

Ezra Reynard returns with rage, reinforcements, and a dream. As the school year wraps up, an unexpected announcement echoes through the halls. Students are dismissed early, and a new school system is to be introduced after the summer. But first, they must take a test... one which will define their entire futures.

Winslow Falls is teetering on the brink of disaster, and their only hope is lurking within a three-hundred-year-old cypher.